About Jeanne

Jeanne Martin portrait 2

A life-long artist, Jeanne Martin earned her BFA at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. She worked nearly three decades at The Palm Beach Post as a creative marketing manager, graphic artist and illustrator as well as retained numerous and varied freelance clients.

Jeanne is certified as a KRI® Kundalini Yoga teacher, Art & Yoga® teacher, Radiant Child® teacher, and graduated from both Level II teacher trainings Life cycles and Lifestyles and Authentic Relationships.

Har Anand was the spiritual name Jeanne received during yoga teacher training. This name is based on yogic numerology and means The Creative Power of God and Spiritual Bliss. Jeanne is committed to bringing students an healing experience of Kundalini Yoga and opening you to your creative expresssion of your authentic self.

Jeanne currently paints and is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She teaches yoga to young children and teens, adult yoga classes as well as chair yoga for adults unable to sit on the floor.

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